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The Assault by Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky

If you like stories that involve green slime, hollow eyes, mysterious creatures, disappearing people, creepy fog, etc. then this is a collection of novellas for you. The concept of four different authors writing each their own continuation of each other's story is a great idea. The details, depth of plot, and underlying theme is remarkable- it is what kept me reading through the weirdness. Each story has an unexpected twist which also keeps your eyes glued to the pages.
If you're into strange and alien-type behavior of characters then this is the book for you. I'm going back to reading inspirational romance dramas.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my review.

For The Record by Regina Jennings

A truly wonderful old fashioned story set in 1885 in the mountains of Missouri.  Deputy Puckett arrives on scene with a mysterious past and an attitude that draws the attention  of a young lady, Miss Betsy Huckabee. The rebel law enforcers known as The Bald Knobbers keep you guessing throughout the story along with the new deputy and the curious young writer Miss Huckabee. There's murder, arson, hooded horsemen, and a romantic cowboy with enough intrigue to make this book a page turner. Betsy will keep you laughing while Deputy Puckett keeps you smiling.  In the end you will be glad you read this wholesome book. 

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.  For more information about the author and her books visit her website: Regina Jennings

Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson

One of the reasons I love reading Dee Henderson's books is because they NEVER let me down.  This one is top notch when it comes to having a thick enough plot that I could not figure out the mysteries in any of the cold cases.  There are enough nuances in the characters that makes them interesting and even their relationships are unpredictable.  This is what I call exceptional writing.  I love it!  Another great part of Dee's books are that when they end you want to read the next one!  If you love a good murder mystery, a clean honorable story line with a bit of faith mixed into some of the characters this is the book for you. I highly recommend reading this book.

For more information about the author visit her website : Dee Henderson

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I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty by Angela Hunt
A wonderfully told biblical story of Bathsheba from birth to her senior years.  This was a predictable story for me to follow since it lines up with scripture so well.  I knew what was going to happen throughout the entire book. However, had I not already known the story, I would have been captivated and very curious to know what was going to happen to each person throughout her life.  I would certainly pass along this book to those who are unfamiliar with the bible.  Near the end of the story at the end of King David's life there is a place where I fully burst into tears and fell in love with how well Angela wrote about the deep love between David and Bathsheba. I found the relationship between David and Abigail interesting.  A profound ending indeed! 
I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.
For more information about the book visit the author's website: Angela Hunt

Taken by Dee Henderson

Finally, a book I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.  Never was there a moment I wanted to skip ahead or a moment of boredom, frustration or disappointment.  Dee Henderson found a way to tell a familiar story in an unexpected way and told it in such a way that exercised my emotions, piqued my curiosity, and melted my heart.  I have always loved the integrity within the pages of her stories and the way she leaves you wanting more.  I already want to read the next book. 

One of my favorite aspects of reading Christian Fiction is seeing faith included in character dialog, whether with other characters or directly to God through prayers.  Once again, though not heavy on the prayers or faith in this particular story, there was enough for me to know without a doubt where each stood in their relationship with God. 

Imagine a book where there is no cursing, no sex and no abuse specifically described yet a story so rich that leaves you turning the pages one after the other. This book is exactly that.  I am immensely blessed after reading ‘Taken’ as my thoughts are now on all things pure and lovely and honorable, much like the scriptures instruct in Philippians 4:8.

If you would like a little escape from the ugliness of this world, read this book.  It is a perfect vacation for your mind and a quenching for your heart.

Thank You Dee Henderson for writing this wonderful story.

I was given a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for a review.

For more about Dee Henderson visit her website. Dee Henderson

From The Start  
by Melissa Tagg is definitely worth reading! I completely enjoyed its lighthearted appeal and remained pleasantly surprised throughout the entire story.  
Each time I learned something new about a character and was completely satisfied knowing as much, there was more! Going deeper and deeper into the minds and emotions of Colton and Kate created a richness of characters I could really appreciate.  Wait! There's more.  Somewhere in the middle of the story there is a deeply profound lesson which stopped me in my tracks and caused me to think on it for myself.  It was such a poignant truth for me that I quoted it in a Tweet.  I always want to remember it. Now this story has resonated with me on a personal level making it a fully satisfying read. I will certainly look for more books by Melissa Tagg.  This one was the first book I've ever read by her and I am hooked! 
For more information about the book or the author visit her website Melissa Tagg

I was given a free copy of this book by Bethany House in exchange for this review. 


 by Dani Pettrey

This is one mystery you will not figure out before the end. Centered around the Alaskan Iditarod where people go missing, lives are endangered, and love emerges, this book is filled with everything you need to feel satisfied, including the heartfelt prayers of Reef McKenna.  Kirra Jacobs has her own issues with God and seeing her faith develop is something many readers can relate to even if we don't struggle exactly as she has.

It helps to get familiar with the McKenna family by reading the first four in the Alaskan Courage Series before reading this one, however it is not necessary.  

Buying the entire set: Submerged, Shattered, Stranded, Silenced and Sabotaged, would make an excellent gift for readers of all ages.  Good clean reading full of integrity.

For more information about the author visit her website Dani Pettrey

I was given a free copy of Sabotaged by Bethany House in exchange for my review.

Raised By Strangers 

by Brooke Lynn

From the moment I opened the book the words were speaking to me personally. The idea that this book was going to reveal what was locked away behind doors in someone's mind intrigued me. I wondered if such stories should even be told since they've been hidden for a reason, why dig up the past? Yet, with each sentence I was drawn into the darkness and believe me, these stories are very dark. The beauty is in the way it is written, each situation is quick and to the point and then over. The author also shines the light of Christ intermittently throughout the story giving the reader a sense of relief, a moment to breathe and offers a way to get help should you suffer as she has. This is not easy reading nor is it for modest eyes as the images created in your mind while reading are quite graphic. I continued asking myself Why is she telling all of this? as I read chapter after disturbing chapter. I realized that as Brooke learned to heal from her traumatic life she also deepened her relationship with God. He never left her.  He was always communicating with her she just needed to learn to really listen. Her story needs to be told because she is not alone. I now know that I am not alone. There are many out there who suffer likewise. Brooke's story gives HOPE that God is indeed able to heal our brokenness, forgive our sins, and love us unconditionally. I am inspired and encouraged after reading this book. May God continue to bless you Brooke Lynn.

Visit the author's website for more information  Brooke Lynn 

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American Anthem: What happens when Somebody unexpected takes an interest in the Presidential Election 

By Jim Kape

I appreciate the vulnerability Jim Kape gives his characters in this revealing story illustrating how faith in God works in politics.  Creatively gleaning truths from both American history and Biblical history, he crafts a scenario so close to our current reality that we can actually see how the hand of God would work if we called upon Him.  To some it may seem far fetched and ridiculous but to those who believe and trust in a living God, a God who actively hears and answers prayers, this story gives hope to the believer. A Presidential candidtate who upholds his faith while running for office and lives by example of what it means to love others as God loves us is truly a remarkable concept in politics.  This candidate showed Christlike character and was unafraid to extend love to a person typically shunned by Christians.  It would do our country good if people would take the time to read this book. As one who believes in this God, the Lord Jesus Christ, I am more motivated to pray for those in the political office and for the people of our nation to grab hold of faith.  With less than 200 pages it is well worth your time to READ IT. See if God will give you something new to think about. 

This book is being offered for Kindle on AmazonThe author's website: Jim Kape

Walk To Beautiful
 by Jimmy Wayne

Never before has a book had such an emotional impact on my life, except for the Bible of course.  This autobiographical account of Jimmy Wayne's life resonates with me on so many levels, of which I am still trying to comprehend. From the child who desperately loved his family no matter what horror they exposed him to, to the boy with determination and endurance to survive even when discouraged and cursing the world, to the young man whose needy heart clung to the woman God put in his life to give him wings to fly, to the man who after surviving such a life and reaching great success remembers from where he came and sets out on a journey to create awareness to make a difference in the lives of foster kids.

Jimmy Wayne is a walking testimony of God's great love for us. Jimmy has been on the receiving end and the giving end and everywhere in between.  This book is as deep and wide as the ocean and as rich and pure as the love of God.  No matter where you are in life, whether a believer or not, whether rich or poor, I have no doubt Walk To Beautiful will change the way you think and motivate you to make a difference either in your own life or in the lives of others.  

For more information about the book visit Jimmy Wayne's website www.jimmywayne.com  

Whatever you do, READ THE BOOK! 
Dark Tide by Susan Sleeman is a perfect book!  Yes I am giving it my highest rating because it is everything I hope and expect to read in a book.  It is rich with internal and external conflict, the characters are deeply connected to one another, the level of suspense is exactly enough to keep you guessing and turning pages, and it has the complex struggles of a redeveloping relationship.  It made my heart swell, brought a tear to my eye, and made me cheer as I read through it.  All of these elements PLUS the Christian foundation of the characters, their prayers, their need for God and their trust in Him make this book perfect in my opinion.  It is the last of a series so if you are reading this review I suggest you start with Double Exposure. 

 For more information about Susan's books visit her website: Susan Sleeman

A Moment In Time by Tracie Peterson is a perfect book to read on a long summer day.  If you like Christian romance stories then you will appreciate the integrity of this one.  When I began reading it, I immediately thought of Ruth and Naomi from the bible.  It did follow similarly to the bible story of devotion and love at first sight.  
It is always nice to read a story and hear the prayers of the characters within it. 
This book is filled with those prayers and we get to see them answered, sometimes almost instantly.

For more about this book visit the author's website: TraciePeterson

I was given a free copy of the book from Bethany House in exchange for a review.

Ever wonder what it's like to be in a submarine? 
Undetected dives deep into the world of a Navy submariner's life aboard the USS Nevada with Commander Mark Bishop in charge.  His love interest, Gina Gray, with her ever curious mind, advanced degrees, and ability to discover new scientific  breakthroughs makes her an asset to the Navy.  
With these two working together and developing a relationship we also see the complex issues Gina faces as she navigates through her love life.  This is where Mark becomes an asset to Gina and guides her to accept God's engineering in her life. 

It is refreshing to read such an intelligently written book with characters who depend on their faith in times of need.  We get to hear their prayers and thoughts about God through this military drama.

Overall, it is a good book and well worth reading. For more about Undetected visit the author's website: Dee Henderson  

I was given a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my review.

One Perfect Spring is a pleasant book to read.  Irene Hannon's ability to create characters of integrity and faith along with their unexpected behavior made this book a page turner.  It wasn't a mystery to be solved that had me wondering what was going to happen next but how each character was going to deal with new situations that arose.  Just when I thought I figured out how things were going to work out, surprisingly they went a different way.

The best part of this book for me was the internal struggles the main characters dealt with.  So richly written, I felt like they were part of my family and I had known them all my life.

For more details about the story or the author visit her website: Irene Hannon

No One To Trust is the first book in the Hidden Identity series by Lynette Eason.  This book is a good read with characters of faith and enough suspense to keep me turning pages.  It left me a little disappointed when I was finished because I tried to reflect on a favorite part and couldn't think of one.  I tried to recall how I felt reading it and once again couldn't recall.  So, either I have lost my mind or this book did not leave an impression with me, unlike the reaction I had when I read When A Secret Kills, another book by Lynette Eason (review below).   I will continue to read her books because she is forever etched in my mind as one of my favorite authors. 

For more visit her website: Lynette Eason

The author and the book received a mention in my blog A Look Inside My World where I talk about living my faith everyday.

The Breath of Dawn reminded me of Loves Comes Softly with a modern edge. A widowed dad of a newborn child and a girl hiding from her past collide in an amusing and touching way.  Because it seems unlikely that this would happen in real life and because the  depth of the character's integrity is unusual, it made the book intriguing and entertaining.  I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it. 

For more visit her website: Kristen Heitzmann

When A Secret Kills is a MUST READ book that I absolutely couldn't put down.  It kept me reading until 2am and then up again at 6am to finish.  It was richly satisfying from start to finish with a mystery I could not figure out and a rekindled love connection I adored.  Like a constant intravenous  drip supplying much needed fluids, this story kept giving me a constant amount of excitement and romance.  Upon closing the book I declared "Perfectly done."  Colton and Jillian continuously prayed to God for His protection and help and prayed for their friends and family as needed.  A book written with action, romance, and faith are my favorite and this book tops the chart for me.

For more info visit her website: Lynette Eason

Wishing on Willows by Katie Ganshert  is a story about dealing with death and loss. It was a little slow and lacked the adventure I love but the characters where interesting enough to keep my attention.  Just when I thought I knew where this story was heading, it took a much appreciated turn and continued with more twists than I could predict.  The ending of the story grabbed my heart and squeezed so tight, I lost my breath getting through it.  Then it was over.  For that reason, and for the moment of deep biblical truth of Grace, I would recommend this book. 

For more about this book visit her website: Katie Ganshert

Against All Odds is a fast paced, edge-of-your-seat, page-turner that captures your heart.  As FBI Hostage Rescue Team agents serve protection duty to a diplomat's daughter, agent Coop is taken with Monica's unshakable faith and trust in God. The team fails to keep her safe and Monica meets evil face to face.  As the action heats up so does the need for Coop to rely on God for Monica's protection.  Will evil prevail or will Monica's God keep true to what she believes?  

This book will make you thirst for more in the Heroes of Quantico series.  

Find more titles at her website:  Irene Hannon 

Submerged is the first of her Alaskan Courage Series and it will leave you in love with not only the characters, especailly Cole McKenna,  but also with the idea of scuba diving in Alaska.  Dani Pettrey has mastered the craft of writing suspense and romance with Christian characters that fills my need to please God with the books I read.  This book is packed with great adventure mixed with chemistry between Cole and Bailey that kept my heart pumping.  This is a wonderful story. 

For more about thsi book and the author visit her website: Dani Pettrey

Wildflowers from Winter  is not just a book I read but one I experienced.  Bethany returns to her hometown where hard times and bad memories once pushed her away to build a new life for herself.  Upon returning to visit her sick grandfather she learns of her old best-friend's recent heartache which forces Bethany to deal with old memories now mixing with her new realities including Evan, the farmhand living at her grandfather's house.  This is a powerful story of friendship and redemption and love that reaches deep into the heart of brokenness, bringing healing.

For more about Wildflowers from Winter visit the author's website : Katie Ganshert

Unspoken is one of the first Christian Fiction novels I have ever read and it blew me away.  The plot is so thick with detail and some of the characters are deeply faithful Christians. Charlotte Graham and Bryce Bishop deal with profoundly valuable coins, her mysterious past, and their hopeful future.  This book kept me glued from beginning to end and I wanted more!  Thankfully Dee Henderson has woven these characters from her other books which can be found on her website : Dee Henderson  
Read one and you will need to read all of the others!

For more info visit: Unspoken 

The Prayer Box  is so powerful and wonderfully written I read it in one sitting- for seven hours.  I could not put it down.  I was so eager to read the prayers for they told a touching story.  The warm and friendly people of Sandy's Seashell Shop not only help Tandee feel welcomed but they  make the reader want to visit or maybe even move there!  The characters are so believable and wholesome when I read this book I was taken to a delightful place away from my own reality. 

For more info about this book  the author visit her website:  Lisa Wingate

My Soul to Keep is a phenominal story of Christian integrity...that of Jesus Christ.  Brent Stark is a man you wish you could meet in person.  He is humble and good looking and completely devoted to keeping his commitment to living for Jesus.  He does the right thing for the right reasons and when faced with the ultimate discouragement, Brent relies on his faith and trusts God alone.  People are drawn to him as a movie star yet he gives all the credit to God.  

Though this modern Hollywood vs. independent film story isn't my thing, Brent Stark's Christian integrity kept me reading and cheering for him.  It is a great book worth reading! 

For more about the book or author visit the website: Davis Bunn

Full Disclosure - Ann Silver and Paul Falcon  are a perfect match in their careers as cops and in their personal lives.  Paul has a solid faith in God and a solid family connection.  Ann has a secret past, and many powerful connections which requires her to live privately, until she meets Paul.  As they put the pieces together to solve a string of murders, Paul learns more than he ever imagined possible. This is a book you will not want to put down and you will fall in love with Paul & Ann together.  The characters in this book can also be found in Dee Henderson's O'Malley Series.

For a complete list of books visit her website: Dee Henderson

Lethal Legacy is Irene Hannon's third book in her Guardians of Justice series. Discover how Detective Cole Taylor uncovers the truth of hidden Mafia connections and betrayal while investigating Kelly's suspicion in her father's death.  Kelly's strict adherence to her principals and absolute trust in God leads Cole to a turning point in his own walk of faith as he forms a love interest with her.  Watching Cole and Kelly develop a deep connection makes a compelling case for pure romance.  Action, suspense, and love - what more could we ask for?  

For more info about Irene Hannon and to get a complete list of her books visit her website Irene Hannon

The Witness is an unpredictable crime drama where the detectives form love relationships with the sisters they are trying to protect.  Luke Granger has experience and wisdom to reach through to Amy, the witness always in hiding, allowing her to eventually trust him. His faith and constant prayers illuminate the integrity of his heart.  The characters are richly and uniquely created to make you fall in love with them.  

This cop drama mixed with complex realtionships and growing faith in God makes this book a very worthy read.  

For more books  visit her website: Dee Henderson

Shattered is book two of the Alaskan Courage Series and it will leave you breathless as Piper sets out to prove her brother Reef's innocence in the murder of a snow boarder.   Landon is on a mission to protect Piper and solve the crime. This adventure will take you through the mountains of Alaska and keep you turning pages as you try to catch your breath and make sense of it all.

For more info about Submerged or the author,  visit her website: Dani Pettrey 

Prayers of a Stranger left me wanting to pray.  

This quick-read book takes place mostly in the Holy Land and has such a powerful message of how God answers prayer.  

After reading this book I wrote this blog post:

Jesus in January 

Read more about this book and more at the author's website: Davis Bunn

Stranded takes place aboard a cruise ship in the Alaskan waters where journalist Darcy St. James and Gage McKenna work together to solve the mystery of a missing woman passenger.  This adventure takes us kayaking through dangerous waters and camping throughout the wilderness.  Gage has a story that will pierce your heart as it does Darcy's and you will find yourself hoping things go well for them.  Heart pounding drama unfolds in this unpredictable murder mystery romance where faith holds hearts together.

For more visit her website: Dani Pettrey 

That Certain Summer deals with Christian values and is seen as Karen and Val face the issues of their past and learn things about each other they did not know even though they are sisters.  Forgiveness is key and love prevails.  

A good book!

For more visit the author's website: Irene Hannon

An Eye for an Eye is book two in the Heroes of Quantico Series.  Mark Sanders, FBI Hostage Rescue Team agent and Emily Sanders, the girl he first kissed find themselves in trouble in a sniper fired shooting incident at a park. The book is packed with suspense, romance and faith.

for more visit the author's website: Irene Hannon

In Harm's Way is extremely suspenseful and will keep you turning the pages without stopping. Agent Nick Bradley and a curious Rachel Sutton get into some pretty intense situations and develop a strong connection to each other though everything.  This story will have you wondering about that tattered Raggedy Ann doll for quite a while.

This is the third book in the Heroes of Quantico Series.

For more visit: Irene Hannon

Before I Wake  

Detective Bruce Chapell and retired FBI agent Rae Gabriella find themselves working together in the small town of Justice.  (to be continued...)

for more visit:Dee Henderson

The Negotiator Book one in the O'Malley Series.  Kate O'Malley is a hostage negotiator ...... Dave... to be continued....

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