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Posted on August 13, 2019 at 8:25 PM

My daughter figured it out! She successfully influenced me to make changes in my life all the while I was thinking it was my idea. That's mastery if you ask me.

She long ago stopped telling me what I should do and every so often subtly offered me vegan nuggets of wisdom; once she gave me some vegan butter, another time, a substitute for Parmesan cheese, another time a book, and recently some samples of her vegan cooking. Everything she has given me over time, I have adopted into my eating habits. I tried them while still eating whatever I was into at the time and slowly the items replaced what I was used to using.

The book was the most life changing as I have written about already. Today, I went to the grocery store with my son who is also vegan and he mentioned her vegan chili, so it was decided on the spot that's what I would make it too. You see, a few weeks ago she told me about a cookbook, the cookbook with the recipe for this chili with a pumpkin base. So I only had to open my Kindle app and read the recipe at the store.

Bottom line: I made the chili and it is amazing!!!

As I was unpacking my groceries in preparation to make the chili, I automatically cut some vegetable tortilla into triangles and baked them- spritzed with lemon and salt (just like she taught me maybe a week ago.) I snacked on my baked chips and salsa while I cut up vegetables, strained beans, and scooped out pureed pumpkin. It was then, in that moment, that I realized how effective she was at influencing me to change my life.

I love that I make my own tortilla chips now. I love that I made a vegan banana bread type thing for breakfast. I love that I am reading and sharing vegan books. I love that my kitchen is full of organic plant based foods. I love that I use a cutting board every day and have stacks of dishes in constant rotation through the dishwasher.

Thank you Alison and Alex and Brandon for influencing me to be the person I am today. I am so happy to share this journey with you.

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