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Posted on October 18, 2019 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

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Flat Tire (so-to-speak)

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I feel like a blew a tire on this journey to my creative freedom. If you've read any of my posts you know that I keep bouncing ideas around about the purpose of this website. It started as a faith based site, then it went under reconstruction for a few years, then most recently I relaunched it for my writing endeavors: to promote my books, my poetry, my art, etc. However, no sooner did I do that did I jump back into my faith with both feet. It has caused the momentum to stop because I don't know what I'm writing for. I personally have no agendas to push, I'm not on any emotional roller coasters that I need to write my way out of, I have no burning questions that need to be worked out, nothing. I do still love my life, I'm happy to have a relationship with the Lord (yes Jesus) again, I've healed up nicely from my past relationships -Thank you God. And I'm still down 50 pounds for the year and feeling TERRIFIC!! That's it for this post. Just got an idea for the next one. Guess that means the tire's fixed.

Still Raw (painful reality)

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I thought I was getting better, healing and moving on, until I came face to face with family from the past.  Yes, imagine I said it that way, as if family could be cordoned off to a place in time. Over flowing with deeply sad emotions, I made it home from seeing them and almost couldn't breathe.  People just don't know how much a strong woman holds inside.  I couldn't hold back the tears while talking to them but I was trying to.  My ex-husband's family was my adopted family for 20+ years.  They were everything I ever wanted in life- a big, loving, connected family.  However, when I got divorced, I divorced the family as well.  I do realize this was  a self-inflicted form of punishment but it was a choice I made for deeply personal reasons of which I am not going to talk about right now.  Maybe the healing takes time.  Maybe I will have to test the waters inch by inch instead of diving right back in.  I don't know but today I became very aware of how raw things still are for me.  I appreciate their warm, tender compassion - I felt it.  But I am not interested in doing that again.  Nope.  I would rather stay in the safety of my little world  and send out these notes to the big world via writing. I put this out here because I honestly believe there is a bigger story happening, one that I just can't see, a new book being written perhaps.