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National Novel Writing Month is in full swing and I am participating this year for the first time. I'm writing a memoir. I'm finally going to get the story out that's been locked inside me my whole life. My hope is that in doing this I will be able to spring forward with a new lease on life, with hope and determination to make beauty bloom from all of the disturbing recollections I'm writing about. Please click the link to see the progress on my Instagram page. www.instagram.com/loriminutoli UPDATE: I FINISHED NANOWRIMO- 50,000 IN 3 WEEKS FOR ME.  THERE WILL NOT BE A MEMOIR HOWEVER.   


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Follow me on Instagram for more up to date posts. I have yet to find value in this blog space. Even if you don't have Instagram, my page is public so a simple search will find me.www.instagram.com/loriminutoli

Courage Slapped Fear in the Face

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I went to the beach with a friend who I haven't seen a while. Thankfully the distance between us held no weight to the bond between us and it was as if no time had come between us. We instantly had a great time, like old times. Whew! Then, while on the beach, I turned my head to face a different direction and noticed an old friend I hadn't seen in a few years. Remember how I wrote earlier about leaving the community, well, that meant friends too. This friend was sitting about 20 feet away from me and I became nervous. "Do I say hello?" I asked the girl I was with. "Of course" she replied. "Oh but I don't think I can. I just abandoned everyone years ago." The struggle in my mind was real. The old friend walked past me to go for a walk. While she was gone, I sat up, gathered my thoughts and my courage and decided I would say hello when she came back. Well, OF COURSE everything worked out wonderfully. She and her husband were happy to see me and there was no reason to have feared the meeting. I think I hugged her five times and her husband three times. It was really refreshing to realize fear had no position in my life though I was allowing it. Yesterday's adventure turned into a huge lesson for me, one I'm glad I had the courage to face.

To the Beach!

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Chasing the setting sun over the ocean is my favorite adventure. It doesn't matter what season, nor the weather, I can be found on the sandy shores facing the horizon. Here in Rhode Island the coast is lined with beaches. You can be on one East-facing beach in the morning to catch the sunrise and cross the street to another beach facing the West to catch the sunset all in one day. Scarborough to Galilee is where I go for this adventure. Check out my Instagram page for pictures.