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Jesus Walked In - My Testimony

Jesus changed my life!

 In 1995 I met Jesus and He changed my life!  I was living a life of "self" and was looking out for only me.  Whatever I wanted, I got and I pretty much didn't care what people thought.  I hurt people with my words and held grudges against those who hurt me in any way. 

There came a time when I tried to change my life all by myself.  One thing I could not achieve was a resolve with my past.  No matter who I "confessed" to, nothing changed in me.  I was bitter and looking for answers. 

One day, my aunt called me and said "Come to my church, we're having a revival.  You'll get to learn about God" There on that wonderful day I found the answers to everything!  JESUS is the answer!  Sin was my problem.  Only Jesus could cleanse me and make me whole!  It was then that I learned about His shed blood and what forgiveness is.  Jesus paid the price for my sin when He died on the cross.  God forgave my sins of the past, the present and the future.  JESUS PAID IT ALL!  He died for ME! 

From that day forward I have been on a mission to know God.  I accepted Jesus in my heart, made Him Lord of my life, repented of my sins and walk by faith with God's grace and mercy.  By His sacrifice, I have been redeemed!  PRAISE GOD!

I am not perfect and I still make mistakes.  The difference now, is that when I do make those mistakes, I have God to turn to in prayer and His Word (the Bible) to seek His direction.  I can pray for help and guidance and trust that He will answer. His Word tells me that He will never leave me nor forsake me.  I am forgiven now and always.  Thank You GOD!

One of God's gifts to me is JOY.  The forgiveness that I receive is such a big deal for me that I am overwhelmed with joy on the inside.  Somewhere deep down inside, I have a constant source of joy from the Holy Spirit.  God is Love.  The Spirit of God dwells in me, Love dwells in me.  God's love is greater than any love we can come up with on our own.  His love enables us to love others the way He loves.  Thank you Lord!

Today, I am still on that mission to know God, to know Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I love to search the scriptures!  I love to study God's Word and I love to share what I learn. Living God's Word is quite a bit harder.  It requires action and involves much prayer and faith.  In my ideal world, everything would be a certain way and it would make my walk with the Lord a piece of cake.  However, I've learned that we build Christ-like character when we face trials and temptations.  Jesus suffered more than I will ever fully understand. He is our example and that is why we must get to know Him better.

I hope that this website will encourage, inspire and lead you to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  This is my prayer for you.  That you would believe in Jesus, the Son of God, who rose from the grave and claimed victory over death.  The one true God, Father-Son -Holy Spirit, maker of Heaven and Earth, who sent His Son to die for you, that you too would have victory over death and sin and live with Him for all eternity in Heaven.  Jesus stands at the door of your heart and knocks, only you can let Him in.  Will you?

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