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Back To That Happy Place

Posted on March 7, 2016 at 6:40 PM


What a stretch that was! 

I am finally back in my own car; yes, a new-used one. Just a five year newer model of the same car I had.  The rental has been returned and I have pampered my new wheels with a car wash, new floor mats, steering wheel cover and of course a pretty smelling tree shaped air freshener (not hung on the mirror.)

I did in fact get the full-time position at my new job.  It's been two weeks and I am adjusting to being on my feet 40 hrs a week plus the cleaning jobs.  The thing is, no sooner did I get the position, did my supervisor ask me to change my availability and alter my life as I know it.  I am in the process of doing that now as I think it will work out to my benefit as well as theirs.  Nothing is set yet though, so I am not quite on that steady grind that I am hoping for.  Balance is what I desire and I am still praying for that.  

As always I am writing on a long awaited day off.  Even though I cleaned a house this morning, it feels like a day off.  I am roasting a chicken in the oven, along with a colorful veggies.  I've done my son's taxes, scrubbed the bathroom and have caught up on a few things on the computer. I am sitting here in contentment.  Next I hope to work on my book.  That is what I was so happy about the day before the accident.  Now I am ready to return to that place. 

OH! There is something I'd like to share.  I have been reading the book of Revelation with the kids in my Sunday school class, ages 8-13.  We just finished chapter 13 and they are very interested in all of it.  There is something special about not having an agenda when diving into God's word with children.  When their minds open up and they ask questions from where they are in life, it begins an unscripted conversation that always leads to the glory of God.  The dialog between me and them sounds like a round of Jeopardy as I ask questions that I know they know the answer to which in turns ends up that they are telling me about Jesus.  They feel empowered by their beliefs and they never falter...not yet.  

You know, the children accept God for who He says He is. They don't like that people have had to die or that more will die; some for their faith, some for their lack of faith.  But they see God as a righteous and powerful God.  It is a beautiful time together in God's word each week.  I am blessed by it.

Back on the home-front, my own children received a financial blessing not long after I posted the previous blog.  I could not hold back the floodgates as I knew it was an answer to prayer.  They needed it so much and God provided.  Thank you for your prayers.  

I am currently taking a break from writing poetry.  Not a total break as a couple of times the words just came out and I had to post them.  But I have removed myself from the daily pressure of writing.  I am now seeking a tune up with God.  As the pressures of life are ceasing I am taking the time to re-evaluate my purpose.  To look ahead without plans. With only a focus on the destination, I hope to walk accordingly.  There are so many variables still lingering.  The Lord will come through.  I know He will. He always does.

This is it for now dear readers. I am anxious to return to editing my book - Kaleidastorm. 

May God bless you all.


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