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Posted on March 17, 2018 at 10:00 AM

I often wonder why our journey goes certain ways. As soon as I write that I am reminded of the book Hinds Feet for High Places by Hannah Hurnard. It is still and always will be reason to ponder though. Right now my life has changed again. I won't reveal the changes here but they are significant in that my daily routines have changed and my thought processes have had no choice but to change as well. At some point in life you have to accept what is and shape it into what you want, especially when you cannot control the circumstances.


I call this my back-to-the-beginning place. A chance to restart the same journey with a new mindset. I know this is confusing to the reader, especially since I am not being specific. Just remember, it is my journal. I want to document this point in time so I can look back and see the progression and how my attitude journeyed as well.

I want to make note of something I realized. When we are in situations in life, especially difficult ones, we think of something we might prefer or we think about what would make the situation less difficult. Sometimes, more often than not for me, emotions get in the mix and alter the thought process. When I find myself in those moments where my emotions are making irrational thoughts I try ever so determindly to flip the switch in my brain to logic. Logic gets me functioning. Oh, but what a battle the emotions play out with logic. My, my, my, if it were a movie, it would be epic!

Back to my realization, I believe that if we think a certain thing long enough it will become something we aim to achieve, or make come true. When you think you'd prefer a different situation over the one you are in and you focus on it and THEN YOU GET IT- now that's something to then think about. Go with me here a little longer. So, when you are now in the situation you thought you'd prefer and you start thinking...what do you think you want now? The previous situation? Another alternate situation? Or maybe you realize that what you think may very well come true so you think how to make this situation the best one possible .

Today I am in one of those preferred situations. I was wondering what I prefer now that I am here.  After writing this post, I am confirming that I am going to make this the best possible situation.  I am going to make the most beautiful displays of appreciation for my current situation.  I am going to embrace this place in time. Until next time, be well. ~Lori

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