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A Change is Gonna Come

Posted on December 23, 2016 at 10:20 AM

If 2016 is the year of goodbyes for me, then I sure hope the new year brings many hellos.

As I close the door and leave behind the remnants of the life I had, I take very little with  me into 2017. I've learned about people during this past year. I've learned about myself and I've learned the difference between what looks right and what is right. 

I have felt this movement building for months and months and did not know what exactly it was about.  I've been talking about writing a poetry book and getting the first book I wrote actually written and published.  But I have decided to leave those desires along with all of the desires fromt he past exactly there- in the past.  I am closing the door on just about everything that I've carried with me this far.

As I walk through the door of my new apartment and into the new year, I go empty. My new expectation is to be filled with unexpected richness and beauty.  It is a bittersweet passage though, I didn't plan any of this.  I simply get up each day and see what the Lord has for me.  Lately, it has been loss.  Loss that is too tender, too deep to talk about.  Yet, with each painful release, I have grown more certain that there must be something with a greater purpose on the other side.  

There is something very important I am taking with me and that is LOVE.  It will be a love that owes no explanation, holds no regret, and bears witness to the love of God.  

Jesus came down from Heaven, to walk among his creation, to bear witness to the Love of God, to be the witness and the testimony.  He holds all things in place and not one thing happens that he doesn't know about.  Jesus is enough. He is all I need. Love walks with me through the door of 2017.

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