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The Holy Spirit on Seventh Avenue NYC - the end

Posted on October 1, 2016 at 3:35 PM

Post Concert - Sling Shot David Tour - NYC - September 22, 2016

The title says 'the end' but truly it is only the beginning of a new leg of my journey called life.  For on this day in history, my life will forever be remembered as the day everything changed. I can't even write about all of the transformations but there is just a few hours left to share of this wonderful day.  You see, many people probably went home and went to sleep in order to go to work or school the next day but Ben and I continued on our NYC adventure.   After walking Towana to the subway station we headed to Times Square. We were there from about 11pm until 1:30am just taking in the sights. We ate breakfast at a 24 hr diner where he caught the last few minutes of the Patriots game (they won.) Then we sat in the very center of Times Square and watched the street performer, and gazed at the buildings all lit up.  I was amazed at how buzzing this part of the city was in the middle of the night. The sidewalks were lined with artists of all kinds sculpting, drawing and painting people's portraits. It felt like a carnival at noon on a Saturday.  It was beautiful in it's own way.  I am glad I was there. More importantly, I'm glad I was there with Ben.

Ben was an encouragement to me that night.  He accepted me for who I am - and let me tell ya, after a full day and all of the emotions I held in, at that late hour I began to lose some of my manners.  Ben never did.  He was such a considerate gentleman and when I got tired of walking, especially on the walk back to the train station, he kept positively encouraging me that I could do it.  He was so respectful of me... (I am all choked up and tears are streaming down my face as I type this just remembering.) Respect is something that is hard to find these days. It is something I am not used to. It should be the norm and yet I found it a privilege to receive.  Ben is half my age and though I could have been like a mother figure to him, we were like long time friends that night.  We shared some personal conversations, and mostly just shared our appreciation for all of the events we experienced together on this trip.  Thank You Ben for being such a great person!

We made it on the train at 2:40am and headed back to Providence, RI.  Four hours later, Ben drove me home and headed back to his own home to go to work. By God's grace the trip to NYC to see Dee-1 in concert was a tremendous success.

When I got home, in my mailbox was a CD I ordered from Lauren Daigle titled 'How Can It Be" and that is exactly how I was feeling. How can it be that I just had that time of my life in NYC? How? Because God is good that's how!  

Lauren Daigle 'First' : http://youtu.be/26Mqmc5rWM8

Just as I was finally going to sleep, I was getting text messages from those now waking up whom I met at the show- deeply touching messages from my new sisters. My heart continued to be overwhelmed by their love.  Blessed is how I fell asleep. Praise God!

 And now that I've finished writing about the entire experience I can move on to the great and wonderful things that have happened in my life outside of the concert.  So much! So much to talk about in the near future. Stay tuned. 

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