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The Holy Spirit on Seventh Avenue NYC -part 3

Posted on September 30, 2016 at 9:30 AM


SOB’s New York City, September 22, 2016- a day I will never forget.

By now you know the original intent of my travelling to NYC was simply to support David Augustine, a soldier in the Lord’s Army, known by the name Dee-1. If you’ve read parts 1 and 2 you also know that God had more in the works for this trip than I could have ever imagined. Still, there is more!

While standing in line outside of SOB’s more and more fans began to connect. Many of us exchanged social media tags and even exchanged phone numbers so when we went into the club we were already friends.

Zoe and I went together to get our tour t-shirts from the merch table and decided to wear them for the show. So we headed to the ladies room to change. While in there we began talking and our friendship entered a new level. I don’t fully understand how it is that all of the conversations that night were able to make us feel so connected except to say that it was the Holy Spirit moving through us. Zoe and I formed a bond as women, not fans, this was girl talk going on. While talking, another woman, Brittany, came into the restroom, overheard our conversation and apologized for cutting in but explained she just had to stay and join because she felt the need to also connect with us. She began to open up on our Godly topics and shared some things that were on her heart. It was truly amazing to witness God working in real time. Two more girls entered, Angelyn and Towana, and like the rest of us, they began sharing their hearts. Within minutes each and every one of us had tears lining our eyes as we were fully aware that the Lord brought us together in the ladies room. The concert had started but we were having a mini-revival and all that mattered was lifting up Jesus. Praise His holy name!

(Towana & Dee-1)

Finally, we returned to the concert floor and met up with Ben. In this moment, I learned that Ariana had left and was not going to be there for the show. (Read part 1 for more.) I noticed a fan wearing a Mission Vision shirt standing alone so I collected the “family” and we all approached this girl. Instantly, she connected with us and joined our ever growing fan-family. I believe her name is LaToya. (I was a bit overwhelmed at this point of the night. Please forgive me if I got the name wrong.) We also met Akita who was helping out at the merch table.

The moment we all were waiting for, Dee-1 entered the room and thus began the show. However, upon taking the stage, he informed us that the venue had cut his show time nearly in half and he was not happy about it, but he was going to bring his all in the time he did have. God was there- no fear, Mission Vision was in full effect.

This was my third Dee-1 concert and I have to tell ya, this one was the most powerful. I thought Boston was intense when Dee had to perform without beats, without music because the equipment failed. He delivered the message without fail that night. This time, with the pressure to condense or shorten his set, he packed it with emotion! I’m talking 100% raw feels! He spoke to the audience about painful things. He told us some private stuff that really hurt his heart. He even cried about all of the killings. He left his heart open for all to see. God bless that man!

So, in case you don’t know this, Dee-1 has publically called me his “official Northeast Region Moms” because as he says I have that “motherly presence.” Imagine my heart when while singing his song 3’s Up he dropped to his knees in front of me, placed his forehead on mine, held the back of my head with one hand and sang these lyrics to my face “I coulda been rich, but that’s another story. I’m tryna do it in a way to bring my mother glory. And bring my father honor.” I thought I was overwhelmed before the show started! I cannot even put words to how I felt after that. Just…PRAISE GOD.

Right before Dee-1 walked off the stage he shouted out “I don’t normally do this but…” then he lifted a hand to God and began praying for everyone there. I knew what he was doing. He was battling demons with the power of God. He prayed for his enemies and those who are against him. He prayed for the people who own or work at the venue. (Who were flicking the lights and displaying unfriendly looks at fans and Dee-1.) Yet, through all of that, Dee kept his cool. He met with fans and took his time doing the right thing. He knew many had traveled far to see him perform. He eventually took this unofficial meet-n-greet to the street outside the club where he once again took unselfish time to connect with everyone waiting. Even had his camera man take video out there and that clip is in the recap video posted on Dee-1 music social media.

I have so much respect for this man of God. His music is a reflection of him. He is a walking, talking example of what he believes, of his Mission Vision.











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Reply Towana Lowenfield
4:54 PM on September 30, 2016 
thank you for sharing your testimony it was really kewl God bless you