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The Holy Spirit on Seventh Avenue NYC -part 2

Posted on September 29, 2016 at 11:40 AM

 Who knows the secrets of the heart but God?

This month I set out to make Him my number one priority by reading a chapter of Proverbs each day and praying daily and specifically for Dee-1 on his first ever headlining tour. I never imagined what would happen to me as I walked this journey more intimately with the Lord. Already I am changed.

From the moment I decided to get serious about my relationship with God, I mean more serious than I had recently been, truths have been revealed, prayers have been answered, hurdles have been overcome, light has shined in the darkest corners and love has burst around me as brilliant gems sparkling in the sun. Until now I have kept these treasures in my heart like Mary held Jesus in her heart but I cannot contain them any longer.

I’ve talked about being alone in my life, as far as my faith walk and my love of Christian Hip-Hop music so I will not reiterate from where I am coming. I will spring off from the Sling Shot David concert in New York City this past week. Blessings upon blessings upon blessings!

Just before leaving work the day before the concert, my co-worker Danielle informed me that she checked out Dee-1 on YouTube and Facebook and is now a fan. She even told me her favorite song was ‘I’m Not Perfect (I’m a Christian)’ and that made me ecstatic! I have been so alone in my music world and to have someone tell me she Googled my favorite artist, read everything she could find, and listened to his music with joy- that blessed me beyond measure. Now there is someone I see daily at work who understands the mission I’m on and wants to walk it with me. She also wants to go with me to the next the concert in the area. Praise the Lord!

Listen to the Sling Shot David Mixtape tracks here:


Weeks before the concert, I had messaged a somewhat local Dee-1 fan from Massachusetts to see if he was going to the show in New York. He wasn’t planning on going because it was too far but when he heard about my decision to make the trip and how others were travelling to support Uno (one of Dee’s nicknames) he ultimately decided to go with me. I have only met Ben briefly at previous concerts and have not communicated with him prior to looking him up for this concert. Yet when we were in NY everyone thought we were best friends or at least had known each other for a long time. Ben and I spent nearly 24 hours together and had the time of our lives connecting with other fans and experiencing the busy city life of NYC. Let me tell you though how crazy the start of the day was.

Ben was travelling by car from the north of Boston to the Providence RI area to then take a bus with me to NY. He was planning on meeting me in my city an hour after leaving his home. He was not planning on sitting in traffic through Boston for over two hours which means Ben did not make it in time and missed the bus. My heart was broken for him and I prayed. I couldn’t comprehend the fact that I was sitting on a bus alone with an itinerant that included a travel buddy and Ben was now in RI with no guidance. There are times in life that things are completely out of your reach of control that you have no choice but to let them go into the hands of God. I did not try to make calls for Ben, I didn’t try to explain how to get around the city or what he should do, I simply expressed my sadness and told him I was trying not to cry. I felt so bad for him.

Shortly after he called me and said he was on a train to NYC and would see me there. He expressed his sheer joy and excitement about going to the Big Apple and going to the concert. As it turned out, my bus ran into traffic and Ben and I arrived on Seventh Avenue within a half an hour of each other. Standing at the top of the stairs at Penn Station in Madison Square Garden Ben and I exchanged a hug and set off on our adventure. Neither one of us had been to NYC since we were kids. We made it! Praise the Lord.

At 2pm we headed for Times Square with no plans except to explore. Finally deciding to eat at the Hard Rock Café, we ended up getting our picture taken. A great way to remember the day!

Walking down the Seventh Avenue I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Quinn! She is a fan who messaged me on Facebook about meeting in NY for the show. Quinn recognized me in the sea of people walking down the street- how is that possible? Yet she did and we all hugged and became a party of three! Quinn is a local New Yorker with a much faster pace than us; for the next half hour we simply tried keeping up with her as we headed to the venue at the complete opposite end of Seventh Avenue. Ben and I sang songs from the Sling Shot David mixtape as we dipped and swerved through the people getting out of work heading for the train. It was fun.

Finally at our destination, we met Ariana already standing in line. Immediately we all connected and began sharing our experiences. It didn’t take long for us to all feel like close friends. I know it sounds strange to say but it is true. It’s like Dee-1 fans are family.







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