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The Holy Spirit on Seventh Avenue NYC -part 1

Posted on September 28, 2016 at 11:05 AM

I am overwhelmed with how deeply the Lord is working things in my life. It occurred to me this morning as I meditated on His word that something big is changing in me. I used to get caught up in the little things of this Christian walk but after meeting some new people and hearing their testimonies I realize how limited my understanding is and I believe that the Lord is in the process of changing me to show me more of Himself. That right there is enough to make me drop to the floor and worship Him. He loves me and He knows my heart. He chose me and lifted me to see things I couldn’t see before. Had I not walked out into the world and obeyed His call on my heart I would have missed getting to know Him more through these people.

It has taken me days to write anything about my trip to New York City last week because I have been actually getting to know the people I met there. I’m still talking to them and God is still revealing things to me. When I say I am overwhelmed it is because there are so many different people and each one has a story and each one touched my life. Each one touched my heart! It wasn’t just a concert I went to, it was a life changing meeting and fellowship of God’s people. I have been cherishing them in my heart since our meeting.

Since I was on the phone with Ariana just last night I will tell you about our meeting and show you how God was and is very present in our new sisterhood.

I travelled to NY with Ben (I’ll tell you that story later,) met Quinn on Seventh Avenue (another story for later,) and we all walked up to the venue to see Dee-1 in concert. Ariana was already standing in line so we all introduced ourselves. After the meet and greet we were back out in line for the actual concert and that’s when it began. All of our testimonies of the day so far, how we each arrived at this place, how we each came to know Dee-1 music became the connecting point for all of us because we all had an amazing journey leading there. Ariana and I broke off into our own conversation and instantly it was deeply personal. You know how you can tell a stranger something you can’t tell your friends? Well, this is how it was and we both related to what the other was saying. It was like a light being plugged into a socket and illuminating the Power Source. God led us to each other and in the moment of revelation Ariana prayed for me. I have never been anointed with oil on my head but right there on Seventh Avenue outside of SOB’s she did just that. She prayed in my ear words that reached down deep in my heart, words that only God knew would speak to me, she prayed and I heard God. He said “I see you. I see the very core of you and I am there.”

Ariana told me a part of her testimony of faith which included her coming to the Lord and praying about a husband. In her testimony she told me that a woman came up to her and gave her a ring and said “God wants you to have this. He wants you to know that Jesus is your husband.” The ring has a silver cross and diamonds on each side and engraved on the band is “I know the thoughts that I think of you.” Jeremiah 29:11. Her testimony prompted me to share more personal stuff with her, after which she then presented the ring to me in the like manner in which it was given to her. I refused the gift but she insisted it was from the Lord, lifted my hand and slipped it on my ring finger where it fit perfectly.

We went into the concert venue broke off into different circles where I headed to the ladies room with Zoe (another story for later.) After I returned from the ladies room, Ben informed me that Ariana had to leave. She did not stay for the concert. I was stunned because that means she was there to minister to me, like an angel sent by God. Later that night I received a text message from Ariana saying that she had a dream in the morning that she would not make it to the concert and when she got home God reminded her of that dream. She told me she knows she was there to meet me and I her. It was a divine meeting for God’s purpose.

I have spent the last week getting to know Ariana and we continue to see the hand of God work in our friendship. Who knows the heart but God?

I have many more stories to share about my NYC experience but each one is full of God’s grace so I want to savor each one. Before I end this however, I want to share the music link to Ariana’s Sound Cloud page.


She goes by AriKarii and she is a Gospel Rapper. She has been given the gift to rap worship music for Jesus and I am blessed to know her and to hear and feel her music.

All praise and glory and honor to the most high Jesus.



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Reply Thomas Underdahl
1:16 PM on September 28, 2016 
I saw the tweet for you blog and I thought I would stop by for a visit. Divine meetings always have such a profound effect on us, don't they? These are never just meetings of two people, but really three because the Lord is there in the midst. It's when God sends another person to you who you've never met, and He gives them a download from heaven just for you. It reminds me of the woman at the well. For her it was just another day to draw water, but God had another plan for that day. She met the Savior and was never the same after that! Thank you for sharing what God is doing in your life, and be blessed!