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Now the Banker is a Dee-1 Fan too!

Posted on September 6, 2016 at 4:05 PM

How do I tell this story in a few words, I think it's impossible, but I will try. I had to change my address on my checking account at the bank so I went to the local branch and sat with a banker. While in his office (the big office) I told him I had been waiting to make this change until I had all of my tickets purchased for the concert, the train etc. He asked me what concert and where I was going. Boom! Opens the door to the most enthusiastic Dee-1 fan run down of who, what , where, when, why and how!


As I spoke of Dee-1 and how I became a fan, my concert experiences, lyrics on the Sling Shot David mixtape, to other Christian hip-hop artists, to the movement, even to Farrakhan and Birdman - this young 24yr old man kept expressing his appreciation and approval and at one point double high-fived me. He said he was definitely going to check out Dee1music on Youtube and he THANKED ME for telling him all about this. He said he was truly thankful. (Of course I told him about Salle Mae Back -since he is a banker.)


From my perspective, as I watched his reactions to my Dee-1 stories, it reminded me of the reaction of the people standing in the front row of the concert in Boston. Some of those people had never heard Dee-1 lyrics and it was like they were shocked at how REAL they were. Well, this banker had similar reactions when I , in a quiet voice, spit some lyrics in his office. He fell back in his chair with the hugest smile and WOW on his face.


I left there with way more than just an address change. I had found a new Dee -1 fan up here in the North East Region of the map for sure!

16 more days until the Sling Shot David Tour hits NYC!

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