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Posted on May 20, 2016 at 6:25 AM

I didn't see that one coming! All I was thinking about yesterday was how I was going to handle being labeled "divorced." I never figured in how unpredictable people are, some more than others.


The good news is that God did in fact answer my heart's cry for strength and peace while dealing with the matters of the court. Even when the other party walked out of the court house before we ever met with the judge, I never once felt shocked or sad in any way. You see, walking down the street prior to entering the court house I prayed, "Today is in your hands Lord." As the events unfolded, I knew God was with me because I was smiling and laughing through all of it. Thank you Lord!


When I got home that was a different story. I've told you that I live in the city and now that the weather has become suitable for opening windows I hear the cries of the people. Literally, I hear people crying all the time. I hear screaming and yelling, hysterical crying, doors slamming and I must admit it is a bit frightening. For two days I listened to a domestic dispute echo between the buildings. I have no idea where they live, maybe even in my building. She screamed and cried for two days "Why are you doing this to me?" she repeated over and over. Still, no police came. Yesterday, I saw water leaking into my bathroom from the upstairs bathroom so I went and knocked on their door. "Who the *beep is knocking on my door?" shouted a deep voiced man followed by more expletives from a woman. "It's your neighbor.... there's water leaking...." I tried to explain the reason for my visit but was interrupted by a woman soaking wet, wrapped in a towel, pressing her hand against her chest saying "I'm not the landlord." And again the deep voiced man was yelling from the shower. Let me tell you, I heard them screaming for ten minutes from down in my apartment. I was home alone. I was scared!!!!


When I go to work I hear the woes of others as well. It seems from my point of view that not too many people are happy in their jobs nor in life in general. I am surprised to hear the comments of people buying items: their shock at how much they spent, their inability to carry or lift the items they purchased. Everywhere I go I hear the cries of humanity. Yet I hear something else as well.


I hear the birds singing. I see them gathering nesting material and searching for food. They are in the mix with us humans and still they sing. I see the flowers I sell at work and the green trees now in full bloom as I drive to work. OH! The clouds!!! Driving to the court house yesterday I saw the beautiful sky filled with clouds. It reminded me of my book cover and that reminded me of Kaleidastorm- seeing beauty in the storms of life. Yes, these are the things I will keep my thoughts on, for the heavens and the earth declare the Glory of God







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