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Master of the Sea

Posted on March 24, 2016 at 10:40 AM


​I often say there's an ocean in me for I feel the rising tides and crashing waves and even the ebb and flow of a calming sea. What stirs the universe to cause such swells is all a mystery to me. I simply know as the days pass by, the seasons change and so do I.


I'm standing here on the shore as the sun shines upon a new day. I'm taken by the soothing breeze as it sweeps over the cooling waters and right into me.​ This is the Lord's will for me today. He heard my heart, he listened to my tears, wiped them off and erased my fears. What was a terrible burden, felt like misery and shame, has been removed and I'm no longer the same. I cannot cry out the same prayers for he took and made repairs, cleansed and made me whole, to fulfill His purpose this I know.


What stirs the mighty rolling sea? I have but to trust the force is also in me. Today may not be like yesterday, tomorrow will not be the same, but today I will trust and obey the power in His holy name. Jesus is my constant, steadfast and true. He's my North star, my sun and moon. He's my East and West, North and South, my gravitational pull. He alone stirs the seas and He is alive in me.

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