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Small Pleasures

Posted on October 7, 2015 at 4:40 PM


This afternoon I set out on a mission: I was looking for work. I had just finished a five hour cleaning job, gone to the bank to settle some business and buy quarters for the coin operated laundry facility in my building, and had taken a shower. Greeted by the landlord when I opened my door to leave the apartment, I seized the moment to ask about that job he offered me.  He said it was down the road and that I was not even a thought right now. OK then, noted.

So I headed out on foot. I am determined to find a job within walking distance to eliminate the worries of having a car in need of repair.  I am willing and able to walk in any weather. First stop- Walgreens to return a DVD and ask about employment. Next stop -the public library- redirected to Town Hall.  Walked back home first to get my purse ( was trying to "be safe" walking in the city without a purse.) Town Hall clerk said the same thing as Walgreens clerk: apply online. OK, noted.

Since it was a beautiful day, I kept walking.  I was actually on an adventure at this point because my eyes caught sight of lots of beautiful things: architecture, trees, water, ducks, an amphitheater, beautiful buildings, sunshine, smiling faces, and then I saw the sign for a flower shop. There is where the magic happened. Walking into the shop pictured above I was greeted by a friendly man named Michael. I was extremely happy to be in such a lovely place in the heart of my new city that my joy spilled over and he caught it. He gave me a tour of the shop, got to peek inside his cooler where he keeps his fresh flowers protected, and then the courtyard out back.  

Realize that even as I type this, the page has scrolled up and I cannot see the picture but I am pausing every few words to close my eyes and inhale the memory of being in that courtyard. My hand presses over my heart to feel it beating. Yes I took in ALL of the beauty of this place. As I shared my joy, Michael continued to explain the history of the building and the work he did to his shop.  He took me to an alley on the side of the building where he had strung lights and pendants made out of artificial flowers. He suggested I come back in the evening to witness the beauty of the lights.  

We shared florist stories of weddings and funerals. We talked about our passions for art and the importance of freedom.  He told me about the artists in the community, about the up and coming things of the city. When I was about to leave I told Michael that I was completely full inside- as in fully blessed, simply because he was right here in the place of my new home.  My joy runneth over the lids of my eyes as I consider how great and considerate God is.  I have not only moved into the Historic District of this city but two streets away from the Art District.  There is a river, and there are artists painting a mural on a wall surrounding the amphitheater.  I am in love with this place. Michael gave me hug when he said goodbye to me.  He had no idea I was a hugger too.  I walked away from that flower shop, Small Pleasures, with tears streaming down my face, the sun shining on me, and the wind drying my tears.  I walked back home feeling completely blessed.  

Do you see it? Do you see how this works? I did not accomplish anything I set out to do. I did not apply for a job.  I did not find a job.  But I did find beauty- an abundance of it.  I am on my third load of laundry and one load took two payments of quarters to dry. I am going to go find those online applications after I post this and I will keep looking for work.  But the reason I wanted to share this is because it is a real life example of seeing Light in the dark times. What are my dark times you might ask? Well, I am suddenly living on 8% of my usual weekly income and I have to learn how to survive.  I have no idea how this is going to work out.  But I know Who does know.

God holds all things together.  He holds the future in his hands.  He has a plan for me and for my life and it is for good not evil.  This is where true faith is put to the test. I wake up every day unsure of many things but I set out to live an abundant life anyway.  There is no "woe is me" on this journey.  Those days are over. I have so many things to be thankful for and so much kingdom work to do- I have no time for worrying.

I just remembered something else I can share!!! Speaking of kingdom work...late last night I walked to that Walgreens to get a DVD from the Redbox. It was peaceful and I felt safe- no worries. Well, you know that rapper I like, Dee-1, well he starred in his first ever movie.  I had stopped at two stores to get the movie earlier in the day and it wasn't at either. When I looked it up on my phone I discovered it was at the location nearest me.  Anyway, when I was walking back with the DVD in my hand I decided to video message Dee-1 that I got the movie.  I made a quick 15 second video and I was funny in it.  I posted it and in a few minutes he responded back on social media "I love you so much."  I think that is hilarious.  I have no idea why he says that to me but I take it as he is appreciative of the fan support.  After I watched the movie, I Tweeted a picture collage of myself with his DVD and the city at night along with a caption that said I laughed so hard watching the movie.

Not long after I Tweeted it, Dee-1 posted on all three social media sites a picture collage of my post and another fan's post. He wrote about the difference between being an observer and a supporter.  He said supporters were the ones who buy his music, watch his videos and go to his shows. He said he was acknowledging his true supporters, one of which was me.  I was shocked and blessed and then returned a comment fully remembering what I wrote about in my last blog post.  I wrote back an explanation of why I support him.  I wrote that he was a modern day apostle of Jesus Christ going into all the world spreading the Good News and spreading the love of God.  He is a Christian and he does not hide that in his music.  He speaks the truth and lives by God's laws intentionally.  His message is God's message and it is for all people.  He is a brother in Christ and that is why I support him.

I am feeling blessed above and beyond measure and I wanted to share. I trust that God will indeed take care of my needs.  He will provide work for me.  He will guide me in the path of righteousness and truth.  There is no one else I would rather follow!! These small pleasures- I call them Blessings!!

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