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Who Is Really In Control?

Posted on August 15, 2015 at 3:40 PM

I experienced something this week that really showed me how powerful the Holy Spirit is. There is no secret that I love social media. I have written about it as the perfect place to live. (I am laughing at my own statement.) Recently I found a writing community on one site and it has captured my writer’s mind. People take the time to write and post their writings as pictures where other writers can share comments and appreciate their written art. I love being exposed to this community of thinkers and writers.

I have other interests and I have organized them all under the title Kaleidastorm and work most of my posts to fit under the concept of seeing beauty in the storms of life. It has encouraged me to view life through this kaleidoscope if you will and interpret what I see through words. When it is faith based I share here on Lori’s Walk of Faith blog. When it is not, I share elsewhere. Either way, I have fully enjoyed my journey through writing.

I have made friends and enemies however. This week, through a connection on social media, I went to a Christian concert at a local church. It was the loudest, craziest, high-energy event I have ever been to, and I’ve been to a few concert. This one was insane! Hundreds of teens jumping and screaming in unison about Jesus. The musicians were also people I follow online. In this one event – social media became REAL- real artists and real people. I met the kid who invited me. It is so weird meeting people in real life that you only know from social media.

During the concert the singers reminded us that as Christians we are to go out and reach the lost, to be unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16)… no matter what people might think of you. It was interesting for me to hear that again because I have been working on that – finding ways to express my faith in all areas of my online presence. It takes courage to step out in faith… outside the comfort of the family of God. To reach beyond the radius of your home church and into the real world requires a solid belief in the God you serve.

Since Kaleidastorm is not openly a Christian concept I try to use creative ways to express God’s truths. After the concert however with the Unashamed movement fresh on my mind, I decided to drop the name of Jesus square on my page. It took me a while to build up the courage to post it but I did it. And some of the people in my writing community even liked the post. I was so pleased and content. Kaleidastorm was gaining ground in the Truth.

Before I went to work the next day, I made another decision to block a few people from being able to see my page. They had been giving me trouble for a long time and in the joy of my step of faith I didn’t want anything to spoil the momentum. They say “ignore the hate” right? Well, blocking someone is one way of doing that. Within a few hours of doing that, blocking some suspicious accounts who were following me, the absolute worst thing happened to Kaleidastorm- IT GOT DISABLED- SHUT DOWN-TERMINATED.

A little message popped up and said “you have repeatedly violated the laws of this site” and the rest of the message explained that unless I get a lawyer, there is nothing I can do to get it back. What I discovered was that whoever I blocked from viewing my account was not happy about it to the point that (she) fraudulently reported my account multiple times for copyright infringement which resulted in the termination. She used a fake account to report me which also left me without a way to resolve the issue.

Everything I had created is gone. All of my connections are gone. All of my work is gone. This is not the actual Kaleidastorm short story series on Channillo, but the account I created to develop the concept of Kaleidastorm from its inception. This page was created before I wrote the first story. It was my original work and now it no longer exists.

What do you think I did when I realized this had happened? Think about what you would have done.

(Don’t go to the place that says “I would have backed everything up and rebuilt it.” You see, that can’t happen. When they took down the page, it eliminated the ability to use the name Kaleidastorm. Besides that, it was a concept, a way of thinking, a journey… my journey as I grew to understand how to see beauty in the darkness of life. It was more than just a collection of posts.)

What I did:

I sang a song to Jesus. I don’t remember which one but I know it was a hymn. I simply knew this was an attack of the devil. (I had also received a message that my “blocking trick” didn’t work.) I knew it was meant to shatter me and stop me from doing the good work of God. You see Satan is jealous of God. He hears you say that you love Jesus and you become his target. He uses people to attack you since he is just a spirit.  When you press on in the face of adversity and continue to declare your allegiance to God, the devil gets more creative and more determined to crush your spirit hoping to make you renounce your faith.

I sang songs to God and thought about the faithful servants who have gone before me, those in the bible. I thought about how God always brought victory to those who trusted Him. It is belief in Jesus that saves you. I never cried about losing my account. I didn’t know what was to come nor did I know what to do about all that I had lost. I only knew that in that moment I had no choice but to praise the Lord and trust in Him fully. “God’s got this.” I told myself repeatedly.

Later in the day I received a wonderful note of encouragement from a famous person on social media and it blessed my heart. I also heard good news about someone I care deeply about and it blessed my heart. I also received something in the mail from another person on social media making the blessings bountiful. I continued to receive blessings and honestly a few more negative attacks (even if only in my mind) throughout the day. By the end however, I had decided to start over.

This situation is also part of my journey. I definitely found beauty in this storm and I have recovered beautifully. I have reconnected with many in my social media world through various ways. Obviously I would not say here as I know my stalker also follows me here. (She) has made herself known on every public website I spend time on. Where I go, (she) goes. The devil follows me. (Pun intended)

A friend once told me “The devil doesn’t go after fake Christians, he’s already got them.”

I want to share the most important point of this story and that is this: No matter what you are doing in this life, make sure you have Jesus on the throne of your heart- Master and King, Lord of your life. He is ALL POWERFUL, over all powers and rulers of darkness; He is the great I AM.







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