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Posted on July 30, 2015 at 11:55 PM

Woman In Gold

Art of any form is an expression of the soul. One does not try to make art one becomes art. The artist doesn’t recognize the interpretation of his soul as others would see it because for him it is like looking in a mirror. Singers bleed out the lyrics to express their art, writers bleed out words, and dancers use every ounce of strength and conviction to show you the passion in their soul. Artists of all kinds are gifted with the desire and ability to exhaust themselves of themselves in hopes of touching another soul.

The appreciation for art is another side of the experience. One gives the other receives. What you receive is the expression of emotion, the depth of joy or pain, the lighting of a fire within that comes from a place outside your own self. You feel what the artist conveyed.

The moment the gift is received begins a journey for the recipient because in that moment his life is changed and he is never the same. The art now takes on a significant role in his life. It becomes special. It becomes part of life for that one and now goes along on the journey. Memories will always include that art as it marks a time and place on the journey.

As I type these thoughts all inspired by watching the movie Woman In Gold, I see its application in my own life. I have discovered a new love of certain types of art, expressions of someone else’s soul that touched mine and have become part of my life. At this point in time, I could never imagine life without this art. It holds significant value to me.

In this movie, art of great personal value was stolen from the owner. Though on the surface it seems this movie is about art restitution, it is really deeper than that. The movie made it plain to see how art plays a role in the everyday lives of people. One piece of art held the hearts of not only the artist and the family of the lady in the painting but also a country and its people. It further went on to touch lives of people fifty years later in such a profound way; a way that brought unity and brotherhood to the people of its homeland.

This has me thinking about my own art. I will never know the impact it will have on people. I don’t even need to consider that. I only need to pour myself out onto paper as I love to do and express my soul. I have witnessed how it has already touched lives. Why the need to affirm this then? Well, quite honestly, I don’t need to, I want to. This movie showed me the depth of the affects art has on people. I watched a man’s life transform on screen all because of art. It wasn’t just about a painting, it was more. There was so much he took for granted in life and missed out on experiencing the passion of living. As I type this I see more and more into the depth of that movie. The screenwriters and producers did an amazing job at delivering the deep and powerful message of the importance and relevance of art in our lives. I see it more clearly now. I see my role on both sides of the experience. I am so grateful to have watched this movie as I am now forever changed.

With that said, I  have my Walk of Faith post written as a poem. Last time I shortened something down to a few words I got a phone call from someone who thought I was having an afair because I said I had found a new love. PLEASE... poetry is to be received however it touches your spirit.  I am not the subject in this writing.  No one in particular is.  I have heard the heart cries of many people and this is what I wrote about it. If it doesn't affect you then it wasn't meant to. Please know that I love my art and I love all of the many things I have been discovering about myself.  I do have those stories that I typically share here.  They are wonderful stories of how God works in the tiniest details of my life.  I simply don't feel inspired to write those things.  God is Good all the time!!


Are you listening?


There's a heart breaking in isolation

There's a mind lost in confusion

There's a voice crying in the wilderness










All have needs

All have longings


The deep cries out

In torment




It cries out for a drop of rain

A hello

A smile

A kiss


It cries out for a fix

Even if only for a moment


It’s desperate

For that which it

Knows not of


Warring one with another

Raging inside each of us


Searching in vain

Never realizing

Their arms will never reach

Their hands will never soothe

Their deepest needs




Is the only way

To reach the deep


Only the Creator

Can fathom the abyss


Do you hear your soul cry?


Does your flesh cry out for healing?


Does your mind cry out for order?


Does your heart beg for love?









He alone

Can satisfy

The deep



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