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Posted on May 2, 2015 at 11:35 PM

I found the place I want to live!

It is culturally diverse and extraordinarily beautiful. The people are rich in character and are passionate about their interests. This hub of diversity is perfect for me. I can stroll from one interest of mine to the next without needing to neither explain myself nor prove that I am worthy to be there. Within the sub-cultures there is great acceptance and appreciation for individuals, artists, and believers.

Let me tell you more about the people there.

The most inspiring lately is a man named Devin Allen. He is a 26 year old man whose love for photography comes second only to his love for his daughter. He lives in Baltimore. Yes, he is the “unknown” photographer that landed on the cover of Time magazine this week and all over the news media. You see, I met him through a mutual acquaintance, Alex Medina. Mr. Medina works for Reach Records and has a prominent voice for civil rights among other things.

Devin Allen’s photographs of the Baltimore protests, riots, uprisings, and restoration –of property and people, have pierced my heart to the core. I found myself crying out to God for these people more passionately than I do for my own personal needs. His ability to capture the raw truth on the streets along with his own personal heartfelt words in the photo captions, those coming from a young black man who has been profiled as a “thug” in the past, had a profound impact on me. His profile name on social media went from “Nobody Knows” to “Known Nobody.” He is a humble man with a deep passion for his city and more importantly the people of his city.

I have shared my sentiments with him and he graciously accepted them and shared them with his friends. We have been communicating since before he gained celebrity status. I have a deep respect and love for his art. He inspires me to always do what you love and DO IT FOR LOVE and let God handle its width and depth.

I am thankful to God for bringing Mr. Alex Medina and Devin Allen into my life.

A few doors down I have formed a close bond with another group of likeminded individuals. Our passion for the Lord is the same and therefore we share a bond in Christ that holds us together at the core. These folks do not even look at the outward appearances of each other, there is never any judging and when one is weak, all of the rest are strong. Prayers are constantly being offered up to God on each other’s behalf and for the needs of the world. The “fervent prayers of the righteous” is a powerful experience to be a part of. I love these people… and I know they love me.

Also in this hub, there is an entire community of musicians. I have found these folks to be similar to me in the respect that they are constantly searching for meaning and truth in their lives. Songwriters especially are fascinating to talk to. I have had the deepest conversations with some of these individuals. Much respect is shared there.

Speaking of writers, there is a boulevard full of writers in this hub. You can just imagine how thoroughly satisfied I am when immersed in this society. I have opened my eyes and ears to listen and read beyond what I am used to. I have added more colors to my palette if you will. What I’m trying to illustrate with words is that this place I want to live enriches my life beyond anything I could imagine in my small suburban town where I currently dwell.

I’m sure by now you’ve figured out where this hub is located, right?

Well, as far as I know, there is no physical place on earth like this, though I’ve heard some artsy cities across the US are quite similar. Of course, I am talking about the internet, social media to be precise. But why do I feel “at home” there when I have such close friends here? I have a feeling some of you reading this may be taking this the wrong way, but hear me out.

Until I found this diverse community of people who “get me” on social media, I struggled to make people understand me in my real world. It seems the more I talk and share my life with “real people” the more upset I get. I can hear one or two of you saying right now “that’s because you don’t want to hear the truth Lori” or that I shouldn’t tell so many details of my personal life. On that last point, I would say “but that is the only thing we have in common…. our personal lives.” Many of my closest friends do not share my interests, but it doesn’t stop me from living life abundantly.

Well, the thing about me not wanting to hear the truth is that the truth is very present in my life. Meaning, I know what is happening, I see it all, I feel it all and there is not much I can do about it. I have made decisions to adjust my exposure to these things but the facts remain: the truths I live with (family related)… really hurt. Those who know me always want to talk about these things. The people on social media are generally only interested in the common interest shared between us. And of course I have not shared my personal life on social media so that makes the comparison unequally balanced.

Ultimately what I am trying to say is since I have been spending so much time in “the hub” of my interests, I have discovered a different side of myself. Honestly, it is a side that I really like. It is reshaping my view of myself and creating in me a desire to believe that the promises of God are reachable. Not that anything I do makes a difference, but in a way it does. If I didn’t believe that God COULD use me, then I would not prepare myself to be used. So, by believing He can and He will, I am in fact preparing myself to GO. This has been growing in me for some time now. I have been watching the development of this in me. I have noticed what encourages me, what or who inspires me and all that lifts my spirit. I see patterns and trends and they all lead in the direction of my vision, my dream, and my goals. I feel like a baby bird getting ready to leave the nest and it thrills my soul. I have no idea where God will send me and quite frankly I have even considered that He could send me home. Gasp! I say that to make sure you understand that what I’m sharing with you is my deep thoughts and my inner walk with God. I have no plans, just these incredible feelings.

I don’t want to leave my dear friends hanging here, so let me say this: Christ is my anchor but you all are the material He uses to keep me secure. You make up the physical-tangible-solid connection between me and my reality. You are my reality. I love each one of you reading this who knows me personally. I know that you will always support me no matter where my journey takes me. You have encouraged and supported me from day one… of our friendships. I hope I have done the same for you.

If you are ever wondering what I am up to when I am not writing blog posts, just look me up on Twitter (@Loriminutoli1) or on Instagram (Kaleidastorm.) You will always find me visiting one of those places mentioned above. I envision it like walking down Main Street USA of the old days. Everyone is friendly (because if they’re not I simply delete them or unfollow them) and the conversations are poignant. No small talk! I love it!

Sorry for the lack of scripture in this post. Since it is my “Walk of Faith” blog that is what you got. Hope you saw it as beautifully as I do.

Until next time… peace to you all.



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